16 People Who Went Back in Time and Caught It on Camera

2 years ago

Time flies incredibly fast. When you look at photos in old albums, you might wonder how your kids grew up so fast or how this little puppy you brought home just yesterday turned into an adult dog so unbelievably quick.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered for you 16 photos taken by people who took their old family pictures and decided to breathe new life into them.

1. “Cousins 1998 & now! Not much has changed.”

2. “I was quite the picky eater back in the day.”

3. “Me and my son 2001 and 2021 outside Comerica Park”

4. “Then and now. She destroys every stuffed animal except this one. :)”

5. “First photo of us... 6 years later”

6. “One year later”

7. “Tried to recreate the photo from the day we brought our pup home a year ago. It did not go as planned.”

8. “My sister just got married. Her gift to my parents was to recreate a professional photo that was taken of her when she was 5.”

9. “My cat and me 14 years ago, and us today!”

10. “On my cat’s 16th birthday, I started the tradition of recreating a photo of us each year on his birthday. His 18th birthday is coming up.”

11. “9 years of father-and-son pictures. Taken in June each year.”

12. In 2011, he attended pre-K at the high school. 10 years later, he’s a freshman.

13. “At my desk, hardly working, 1992-2019”

14. “My father and me 30 years ago; and then today, my son and myself!”

15. “Recreated our engagement photos 8 years later with the new love of our lives.”

16. “My son and me in 2013 and in 2021”

Which of these pictures did you find the most heart-warming?

Preview photo credit dokidokiStrider / Reddit


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