16 Mothers-in-Law Who See No Difference Between Their Kids and the Kids’ Partners

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Getting married or being in a long-term relationship with someone means that your families will have to co-exist at times. And while there are many horror stories regarding mothers-in-law, there are also many positive ones. It’s the ones where the mother cares about both partners’ happiness and doesn’t wish to destroy it.

1. “I just got MARRIED, and my mother-in-law made me the best groom’s cake I could’ve asked for.”

2. “My mother-in-law gave me her mother’s ring and gave me the blessing to change it however I wanted. This is what I did!”

3. “My mother-in-law bought us matching purses.”

4. “The mother-in-law just brought me over my ’birthday cake,’ and it’s perfect.”

5. “My mother-in-law and I did a collab for my newborn coming soon! She knitted the hat and I crocheted the dress.”

6. “My mother-in-law left this outside our door yesterday since we were ill and couldn’t go to the store.”

7. “My mother-in-law set a table for us to eat at and I’m crying because it’s so cute.”

8. “My mother-in-law gave me her orchids.”

9. “This is the wedding cake my mother-in-law made for my wedding. She had kept it a top-secret project until the big day for my bride and me.”

10. “My mother-in-law crocheted me a tiny cat couch!”

11. “My future mother-in-law gave me this gorgeous gold filigree necklace to wear for the wedding. Her great-grandfather crafted it by hand.”

12. “My mother-in-law got a goat. Meet Cedric.”

13. “Got exactly what I wanted for Christmas! I have the best mother-in-law ever!”

14. “My mom made this for my wife for her birthday. It’s the evolution of my daughter’s temper tantrum.”

15. “This box of chocolate my mother-in-law brought over — that’s a pretty good sized banana.”

16. “I hope everyone has such a wonderful mother-in-law.”

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