15 Women Who Got on the Verge of a Breakdown After Their Beauty Fails

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Women like taking care of themselves and that’s why they spend quite a lot of money on beauty products. More specifically, they spend around $3,756 every year, while men spend about $2,928 per year. If we were to add the money they spend at beauty salons and hairdressers, the amount would get even higher. Unfortunately, they often have accidents where they see their money wasting away.

1. “The eyelash curler that should’ve been called ‘The eyelash cutter’.”

2. “Back when I used to model, this was what a ’makeup artist’ did for a shoot.”

3. “Spray tan tears won’t go away.”

4. “My hair is too thin for the ‘petite’ size bun-maker.”

5. “I got my nails done last week. They are so bad, I have to laugh.”

6. “Epic fail — teeth whitening.”

7. Close enough to the original, right?

8. “I tried powder brows. I think the pigment hasn’t taken.”

9. “I paid $45 for this monstrosity and my husband’s reaction was worth every penny.”

10. This is why you should never carry powder in your handbag...

11. ...or concealer, for that matter.

12. Something terrible must’ve happened here.

13. “Imagine you’re about to get married in a few months and this was your wedding trial makeup.”

14. “A friend of mine who was on the road to becoming a makeup artist put a bunch of white mascara on me and gave me gnarly contouring and purple lips.”

15. “I heard a crash and a cat came running out of the restroom. Walked in and she knocked the makeup shelf completely off the sinks.”

What is the most common problem you face when it comes to your beauty regime or the items you use on the daily?


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