16 Pics That Prove That Living With Kids Is Full of Both Chaos and Laughter

2 years ago

The lives of people who have kids and those who don’t are so different it’s almost like they live on different planets. Children can be fussy, noisy, or disobedient, but they’re always adorable no matter what. Their little tricks may make the parents’ lives messy, but in a good way (most of the time).

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found 16 pics of hilarious kids that will put a smile on your face.

1. ’’We let our son design his birthday cake.’’

2. “A picture my mom took of young me on Christmas (allegedly, I was mad because she kept taking photos of me)”

3. ’’He wanted hair on his chest for his birthday.’’

4. ’’My son wanted to be a blue Christmas light this year.’’

5. “Me when I was 2.”

6. ’’My daughter drew her little brother photobombing her art class self-portrait.’’

7. ’’Ripped his quesadilla in half so he could dip it in salsa, and now he wants it back together.’’

8. ’’I asked my 6-year-old to restock the toilet paper.’’

9. ’’Our son showing us the boy trapped in the doorknob’’

10. “My son’s second tooth fell out, this was his letter under his pillow for the tooth fairy.”

11. ’’Maybe having 9 pacifiers is the key to getting him to sleep?’’

12. "While most kids draw dragons and animals, this is what my little cousin draws instead.’’

13. ’’This roller coaster photo will haunt my son forever.’’

14. ’’He wants to throw the ball into the TV so the players can play with it.’’

15. “Took the 2-year-old to see cherry blossoms. She was only interested in showing off the kicking moves she’d learned.”

16. "She was so quiet, we thought she fell asleep. Well, nope.’’

What is the most absurd thing you did as a kid? Do you believe patience is the best way to handle a naughty child?

Preview photo credit Tenenentenen/Reddit


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