16 People Who Thought They Found a Treasure, but Everything Turned Out to Be Much Simpler

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In childhood, we used to keep any nice-looking piece of glass that we found, like it was a real treasure. Even when we grow up, this treasure-hunting spirit never goes away, so we carefully study any seemingly precious piece that falls into our hands. Unfortunately, these pieces are most often worth nothing.

“What is this tiny gold container meant to hold? It has a pretty jeweled clasp but no handles or places to attach it to anything.”

“I’ve never seen scissors like these. They say ’sterling.’”

“My parents found this ring while gardening 10 years ago. It appears to be really old.”

“What is this thing? Is it a jeweled pendent?”

“What is it?”

  • It’s a sterling silver baby rattle-shaped keepsake box. Silver objects like this are traditional baby and christening gifts and have been popular since Victorian times© raineykatz / Reddit

“A small square-cut glass jewel that fell out of my fish sauce bottle.”

“What is this thing? A small gold pig container with a removable tiny spoon for a tail”

“I found this gem near my grandma’s house. What is it?”

  • It’s a piece of glass from a sea. As a child, I found many green and brown bottle shards like this on the beach.
  • Take it to a jeweler, they’ll make you a pirate earring.

“Moon silverware, probably German late 19th — early 20th century. What is it for?”

“I have no idea what this thing is.”

“I found it under an overpass. Looks like diamond ring attached to gold metal with little diamonds.”

“This jeweled thing came with the phone case.”

“I walked this into my house after a dog walk, could it be gold?”

  • No, it is not gold, it is pyrite (fool’s gold). Notice the small cubes in a few areas, and the brittle areas — both of those rule out gold. Gold doesn’t fracture, pyrite does. © thanatocoenosis / Reddit

“My grandmother gave me this necklace many years ago. People always ask me what it is.”

“I bought this pendant for $0.99. I have no idea what it is. It has the months of the year and some days I think on the inside, also the outer gold ring moves.”

“We found these hard gold and silver pieces in my great-grandmother’s car. Is this hidden treasure?”

  • Those are plating nodules. They build up on the rack that holds the pieces to be plated. You have to knock them off when they get too thick. But they look cool so plenty of them get carried off for decorations. But usually, they’re recycled. © PKDickman / Reddit
  • Round ones are nickel anodes. The yellow nodules are probably brass. Top left one appears to be copper. I own a metal finishing company. © RXSeven8 / Reddit
Preview photo credit BandicootWafflesmack / Reddit


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