20+ People Who Never Stop Surprising Us With Their Creations

2 years ago

There’s no greater feeling than making something with your own hands, and seeing the final product can fill you with pride and bring you joy every time you lay eyes on your masterpiece. If some people carve playing cards into 3D art, others crochet rugs or preserve spider webs — and these are just a few of the wonderful creations you’re about to witness.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we believe inspiration is everywhere around us, and this time we found some people who really know how to show off their creativity.

1. “I turn playing cards into 3D art.”

2. “Made an old shoe rack and a picture shelf into a mini-desk!”

3. “Love spoon I carved to propose to my now wife”

4. “Upcycled an old sweatshirt that didn’t fit me properly.”

5. “Recycled combs made from discarded bottle caps! Took many, many months to nail this on my injection machine.”

6. “Found an old piano with severe water damage. Would’ve been a pity to throw it away.”

7. “I made a duck out of discarded plastic knives.”

8. “I preserve and frame spiderwebs!”

9. “I take plastic shipping/bale straps from hardware store waste and make sturdy, functional, and fashionable baskets!”

10. “I made a dress out of the leaves in my garden. It was either this or rake them all up.”

11. “My daughter has a new dress. I made it from an old one I found for 50 cents in a yard sale.”

12. “Bought a men’s shirt for $3 and turned it into a twin set!”

13. “Upcycled some thrifted Versace jeans into a crossbody bag.”

14. “Glass flower that I made!”

15. “Turned an old fan with a bad motor into a lamp.”

16. “A waterproof postbox made from an old microwave — the delivery guys love it.”

17. “I upcycled this 1970s Osterizer blender I picked up at a local thrift store into a funky lamp.”

18. “My retro TV project”

19. “Got this pillowcase at a local thrift store for 50 cents! Flipped it into a cute purse!”

20. “My mom made this pig planter.”

21. “I made a rainbow Persian tile crochet rug and gifted it to my MIL that loves rainbows.”

Which of these creations did you like the most? Have you ever turned something useless into a work of art?

Preview photo credit DoctorPaulGregory / Reddit


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