17 Images That Are Way Too Interesting to Hide Under The Rug

2 years ago

Walking down the same street that you walk every day can be unique and adventurous when you least expect it. You might see something you’ve never noticed before that will make you appreciate life and its wonders a lot more. Or it might just be something that someone else did and left there for everyone else to see and wonder why.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 16 images that will make you wonder how they came to be.

1. “A service dog wearing doggie crocs.”

2. “This snow-rabbit I found on a walk”

3. “Just another cloudy, rainy day — and a girl enjoying her own magical bubbly world...”

4. “The way light is filtering through this tree and being refracted by the mist”

5. “This photo I took of a bowl of illuminated Cheetos looks like a microscopic organism.”

6. “This squirrel with a slice of pizza.”

7. “My incense holder”

8. “A dove ran into my window and left a perfect imprint.”

9. “This leaf’s new haircut”

10. “The tree in my backyard has a halo.”

11. “The brightest blue tail I’ve ever seen on a skink.”

12. “I found a spoon glued to a wall.”

13. “A vine grew around this little tree and the tree absorbed it, making it look like a snake had woven itself around the tree.”

14. “I got an egg with a white yolk.”

15. “This house I saw today had many roofs.”

16. “I believe this is in Czechia. Visited here while staying with family in Germany (I am in orange).”

17. “I left my mop outside and it grew grass.”

Have you ever been lucky enough to take a photograph that came out as Photoshopped art? We’d love you to share it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit bree78911 / reddit


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