People Shared 15+ Unusual Hacks That We Can’t Believe They Actually Work

11 months ago

One good thing about social media and video-sharing platforms is that they opened the floodgates for genius tips and tricks shared by ordinary people. And there are hacks for almost anything — from cooking, to fixing stuff, to addressing most of our everyday struggles. And the best part is, these brilliant ideas help us save time, money, and energy.

1. “You can connect two zip lock bags by flipping one inside out to make a larger one.”

2. With this trick, you won’t have issues carrying your bags.

3. “Problem solved.”

4. “If I use a cheese grater on a cold stick of butter, it’s easier to spread on toast and muffins.”

5. “Open your cable tie packets in the middle and you will never spill them all over the floor again.”

6. Use all the toothpaste by squeezing it out with a bobby pin.

7. “Want to store some cake in a container? Flip a Tupperware upside down and use the lid as the bottom.”

8. “During a power outage, use a muffin tin and tea lights to heat water.”

9. “When you don’t want to buy a smaller pan for just 1 recipe”

10. That’s a brilliant way to fix a flip flop!

11. “How to easily carry clothes when moving:”

12. “When you lose power, you can use empty translucent milk/water jugs to dramatically improve the light output from a flashlight.”

13. “Changed one of the earbud rubber pieces to black. Black is right and white is left, so you can quickly see which is which.”

14. Need AAs but only have AAAs? Not a problem!

15. “Made a phone stand at work. Can’t show you with my phone on display, since that’s what I’m using to take the picture.”

16. “My dog likes to sleep on my legs. I made her this out of some of my old jeans for her to sleep on while I’m at work.”

17. “Optimal pizza placement for small ovens”

18. “Broke one of the rings on my shower curtain today. Here’s my life hack.”

What are the tricks you use on a daily basis that not many people know about?


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