14 Pics That Are Filled to the Brim With Emotions

2 years ago

One of the best aspects of always having a phone with you is that you can take pictures at any time and save precious emotional moments forever. For example, how a little girl is completely astonished by the size of an XL bowl of pho or the happy little face of a puppy that’s just been adopted.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything would love to share these wonderful pics with you.

1. “My dog’s reaction to realizing my girlfriend is driving us on our road trip”

2. “My daughter’s priceless reaction when I decided to order an XL bowl of pho”

3. “Big smiles from my derpy pup”

4. “I’ve officially been working from home too long, this is the face I get when I try to leave and don’t take my cat.”

5. “I think I confused my friend’s kid.”

6. Lazy Sunday morning

7. “Happiest little pig”

8. “My dog really loves bubbles.”

9. “She wasn’t expecting 2 birds to land on her hand at the same time. Got the perfect reaction.”

10. “My friends adopted a new puppy. Don’t let the poker face fool you, he’s overjoyed.”

11. “Linda’s reaction to hearing a post about her art went viral online. She’s a lunch lady at my school.”

12. “Wick flipping out about the snow.”

13. “This is the ridiculous face Pepper makes after getting peanut butter.”

14. “My niece, trying to figure out what’s on my face”

What’s the most hysterical photo you’ve ever taken? Are you good at capturing strong emotions with a camera? Tell us all about your talent or lucky moments in the comments.

Preview photo credit RAFTERMAN / Imgur


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