14 People Who Got the Award for “The Funniest Gift”

2 years ago

Sometimes, giving gifts can be more fun than receiving them. The quest for finding the weirdest, funniest present can be never-ending, but seeing the faces of our loved ones when opening them can be the greatest satisfaction. Plus, the weirder the gift, the better it feels to show it off so others can laugh too. And we found some people who did exactly this.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes the season for gifts is always in, and we prepared some very amusing ones you might want to use as inspiration in the future.

1. “My team left me this gift on my desk this morning.”

“I mean, it’s funny for us... but if you were the only one to get this... you may soon find it not so funny.”

2. “My brother wanted a gift card for Christmas...”

3. “Birthday gift from my family to my introverted self so I’ll have ’someone to talk to.’”

4. “Gift from my sister”

5. “Mother’s Day gift meets a hot Florida car”

6. “I was gifted this expensive candle, but it doesn’t have a wick.”

7. “My grandma gave me a piece of concrete as a gift?”

8. “My partner and I did 5-minute crafts as our Christmas gifts to each other.”

9. “A gift for one of my vegan friends”

10. “I wanted to give my husband something unique for his 32nd birthday. After hours of browsing, I finally found a designer silk robe. ”

“I bought it just to see his face light up when he opened the gift, until we realized it was actually a women’s robe.”

11. “Gift for uncle and aunty’s marriage anniversary, prepared by my sister”

12. “Sibling gift exchange”

13. “Got my wife a Mother’s Day gift. Jurassic Park Jeff Goldbloom shower curtain. ’What is this?!’ was her reaction.”

14. “I have a friend who always gets me a gag birthday gift (and a real one after).”

Tell us about the strangest gift you’ve ever received in your life!

Preview photo credit chatsubo20 / reddit, sleal / reddit


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