17 People Who Are Waiting for Their Luck to Return From Vacation

2 years ago

We can never truly appreciate our lucky days unless we’ve experienced some hardships in life, and this is why having bad days is important. After all, there is no way of escaping unfortunate events and dramatic situations. However, we can decide to look at the bright side and smile. Because we need to remember that nothing in life is permanent and bad moments will soon be replaced by good ones.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we believe that laughing in the face of bad luck is the best way to make it go away. And here are some people who have woken up on the wrong foot, but decided to share their misfortune and turn it into laughter.

1. ’’I’m the only person in my 30 people office who dressed up today. I’m in a full body banana suit.’’

2. ’’The beginning of a 5 hour bus ride.’’

3. “The ’window’ seat we got...”

4. ’’I’m a solar roofer and it’s still only May...’’

5. ’’My wife will eat part of a watermelon then put it back like this.’’

6. ’’My nephew only sleeps on tables, otherwise, he throws a tantrum.’’

7. ’’My kids’ toothpaste cap!’’

8. ’’She cried until I let her carry the dog’s poop.’’

9. ’’He hasn’t spoken to us for the last half hour because we didn’t give him any more cheese.’’

10. ’’My kid had been playing workshop yesterday. Glad I checked my shoe before putting it on.’’

11. ’’My 2-year-old daughter’s pockets are bigger than my wife’s.’’

12. ’’Presenting my first potato harvest from our balcony garden.’’

13. ’’My sister was crying over her sandwich being cut up. A little time later, I caught her eating the sandwich.’’

14. ’’My son didn’t smile once while at the pumpkin patch. He was very skeptical.’’

15. ’’My 8-year-old lost a single piece to his now 1,999-piece Pokémon puzzle.’’

16. ’’The reaction to being denied a seventh straight sausage roll from the snack trolly’’

17. ’’I dropped my wedding ring this morning.’’

Is it easy for you to find the hilarious side of dramatic situations? Tell us about a surreal situation that you have recently encountered.

Preview photo credit Unknown/Reddit, pupunggi/Reddit


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