17 People Who Don’t Need a DNA Test to Prove They’re Family

2 years ago

Many parents want their children to look like them. It feels so great to hear friends, family, or even strangers say, “He has your eyes” or “Your daughter smiles just like you do.” And while in most cases, the resemblance is there, but you can only see it in particular features; in others, family members are the spitting image of each other.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some photos of people who look like the genetics did a Ctrl-C Ctrl-V.

“My mom and my sister 2000/2021”

“My mother and I are almost identical.”

“Do my sister and I look alike?”

“My dad’s mother and me, 70 years apart”

“Does anyone see a resemblance with my great-grandfather?”

“My paternal grandfather and me. I always thought I looked nothing like my dad until I saw his dad.”

“Taken 18 years apart, 1995 mom and 2013 me”

“My great-grandfather and my dad — genetics are CRAZY.”

“My grandma when she was 18 and me aged 22”

“I know where my lips and nose come from. I always thought my lips were inherited from my maternal side, but these are paternal all the way!”

“My mom and I, both at age 19”

“My paternal grandmother and me at 3”

“Me and my dad. I met my dad at 17 and, for years (I’m 27 now), I was told I look exactly like him.”

“Ancestry helped my father find out who his father was! My father was born in the ’60s and grew up not knowing who his biological father was. After buying him a DNA test, we found out his father had passed away! Am I the only one who thinks they could be twins?”

“Me as a baby and my son”

“Thanks to a DNA test, I was able to find and meet my dad and brothers this past weekend. 35 years old and adopted at birth, I never dreamed of such an amazing experience!”

“My daughter didn’t understand why everyone says we look alike, so I made her this.”

Is there someone in your family who is the spitting image of one of your older relatives?

Preview photo credit ThenemeY27 / Reddit


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