16 Couples Whose Never-Ending Love Carries Through the Years

2 years ago

Most couples that have stayed married for at least 30 years say that the key to maintaining their relationship is commitment. It is one thing that no counselor can teach you, but something both partners have to work hard to achieve. You must also enter matrimony with the idea that your connection will last for the rest of your lives.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves seeing people in love for life and being the proof that true love does exist, no matter how hard things get.

1. “My grandparents then and now.”

2. True relationship goals

3. “Same couple, same bike, same place, 1968 vs 2018.”

4. “This couple had two photoshoots: One in 1959 for their wedding, and one in 2019.”

5. “You’re only as old as you feel.”

6. “Mom and dad 1983 vs 2019.”

7. “We met in second grade in 1997. Here we are 21 years later.”

8. “My wife and I recreating our picture atop the Seattle Space Needle 25 years apart (1994-2019).”

9. “My parents in 1980 and 2019.”

10. “1975 vs 2020. My parents have been married and playing music for over 45 years.”

11. “After 71 years of marriage, Grandma passed. Grandpa says ’Well, I got to know her pretty well’.”

12. “Junior high sweethearts. 2001 (age 13) vs today (age 31).”

13. “My grandparents have been together for half a century, and today they got remarried.”

14. “Next week I am marrying my best friend of 15 year.”

15. “Been together 30 years, this is a photo from their vacation in Punta Cana.”

16. “1980 vs 2020. My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage in the same chapel where they wed.”

Are you married and if so how many years have gone by? Do you believe that you can live happily with the same person for decades?

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