16 People Whose Disappointment Has Reached New Levels

2 months ago

Imagine seeing a cookie box and, after opening, seeing sewing materials inside. This is the type of disappointment we are talking about in this article, and most of you will feel related to these images. Maybe you’ve experienced exactly the same or something very similar. The point is that life often serves us a not so sweet cup of coffee.

1. “My uncle’s suitcase after his flight.”

2. “I had to cut down a tree in my yard, and now I feel bad.”

3. “My dad does this to avoid cutting pepperoni.”

4. Beanbag chairs are overrated.

5. “When I went out to shut off the smoker and put the cover on, I come back to my wife having eaten all the skin.”

6. “The vegan option served at a fancy end of conference dinner.”

7. “Flying a drone inside the house? I told my daughter it was a bad idea.”

8. “Are you sure you don’t have a leak?”

Ttin / Pikabu

9. “This is 4 plates, the rest is ‘preferences’ and a few allergies. Wow.”

10. “Decided to go for a walk after the storm.”

11. “This is the hot tub of the Airbnb which was the main reason why I rented the spot. Smelled terrible and was obviously not cleaned in forever.”

12. “I looked at my balcony and this family there just looked back at me as if they were saying, “Why are you looking at us? Close the door now!”

13. “Literally having her name repeatedly called over PA and holding up an entire flight for a cheeseburger.”

14. “My daughter’s been acting weird since she got bitten by a spider.”

Prostoilogin / Pikabu

15. “My son was screaming that he was stuck. I ran from the other room to help and saw this...”

16. “My girlfriend rips my socks that have visible holes in them to force me to buy new ones.”

Being unlucky due to a completely random event can happen to everyone. But sometimes, we have to either blame ourselves or someone else for making things harder or not so fun for us.

Preview photo credit Boojibs / Reddit


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