10 Female Stars Who Don’t Hide Their Imperfections and Challenge Modern Beauty Standards

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Celebrities are under constant pressure to be faultless and look perfect all the time, particularly famous women. However, like everyone else, they have and go through things that aren’t always considered attractive, like stretch marks. And other times, they consciously stray away from modern beauty standards in order to stand by body positivity. We collected some examples of stars who aren’t afraid to show their unfiltered side.

1. Ashley Graham opened up about suffering from postpartum hair loss. She also flaunts pregnancy scars like a true warrior.

Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News

“I think it was like around 4 months, my whole hairline fell out. And that was more traumatic than even birth because I was like... My hair’s falling out in clumps, what am I doing? And then I realized it’s actually a thing,” the model confessed.

2. Drew Barrymore doesn’t mind showing off a little armpit hair.

3. Salma Hayek is happily accepting her greying hair. She also frequently shares makeup-free selfies.

4. Keke Palmer is honest about her struggles with acne.

5. Pregnant belly and the scars that come with it, Chrissy Teigen embraces them all.

6. Body hair doesn’t bother Jessica Simpson.

7. Camila Mendes opened up about her hyperpigmentation by sharing a selfie with her fans.

8. Plus-size model Denise Bidot doesn’t let cellulite or pregnancy scars bother her.

9. Cynthia Nixon usually goes makeup free at home.

10. Barbie Ferreira shared a snap of her stretch marks with her Instagram followers.

Preview photo credit Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News


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