24 Pics Taken at Exactly the Right Moment That Any Professional Photographer Would Want in Their Portfolio

2 years ago

To take a good photo, you need a lot of things, such as good lighting, framing, and composition, etc. But that was not the case of the following people, who took amazing and super original photographs because they were at the right time and the right place. Sometimes, life can just surprise you with a strange, beautiful sight.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything appreciate these photos that immortalized a moment that is hard to match, so we wanted to share this compilation with you.

1. “Went to take a picture of the rainbow, and lightning struck at the same time!”

2. “My brother hit every pin except 7 8 9 and 10. How odd is that?”

3. “My cat went missing for 2 days, so I put an advert on Facebook. Literally 5 mins after my cat comes to the door. 30 mins later, my neighbour comes and drops off what he thought was my cat. Now I have two identical cats.”

4. “Softball got speared by a bolt on the fence at my sister’s game”

5. “They were talking about my local animal shelter on national TV, and they focused on Alys, the cat we adopted 7 months ago! We got to see where she came from! We were in awe.”

6. “This hot air balloon just gave me a personal solar eclipse.”

7. “Perfectly placed web.”

8. “A leaf fell in front of my phone the second it took a timed photo.”

9. “My dad sent me a picture this morning and said ’it finally happened.’”

10. “My vanity mirror fell in my bathroom. It was saved from shattering by my toothbrush.”

11. “The way my shoes match this hotel’s carpet perfectly.”

12. “I was taking photos of seagulls on autofocus, just hoping for some clear action shots.”

13. “I unintentionally smudged KFC grease on a reciept, revealing a redback spider from an ad on the other side. Heart missed a beat when I took it from my wallet.”

14. “This fish just fell out of the sky at the dog park—dropped at my feet by a bald eagle.”

15. “This egg my chicken laid looks like a Kinder Surprise egg.”

16. “Bubble got stuck on one small strand of a spiderweb.”

17. “Our security cam caught a bird mid-wing-flap such that it appears perched on my dads forge.”

18. “Saw the weinermobile today! Only 6 in existence”

19. “3 years ago, my friend managed to catch a dragonfly with a fishing rod in between the fishing line while casting the fishing rod.”

20. “I was at my government transport department, swapping my old plate with a personalised plate. This was the ticket that I received from the machine, and below is the old plate I was taking off my motorcycle. Mind Blown”

21. “I’ve seen a lot of wildlife this spring, but this one takes the cake!”

22. “I took the photo before 1|3 symbol appeared on his phone screen.”

23. “Real cyclamens planted themselves next to fake ones — no one has touched this plant pot in years.”

24. “I dropped and cracked my Batman mug. Then the chipped part looks a like the bat symbol.”

Have you ever come across a strange coincidence like these? Have you captured a coincidence in a photograph? Share your story!


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