17 Pics That Can Melt Our Heart Like an Ice Cream on a Sunny day

2 years ago

Although we’d like to make them last forever, the best moments in our life are so fleeting and short. Thankfully photos are here to make them last for an eternity and turn them into lifetime memories. And while some people often go back to their old family albums. Others prefer to constantly take new snaps to immortalize the present. Either way, a photo has the power to freeze time and add a smile to our face, and this is what makes it so special.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we’re fascinated by sweet photos and by their ability to cheer us up even at our worst times. We will share 17 pics that will make your day much brighter.

1. ’’My bottle baby foster puppies both found their forever homes.’’

2. My son just learned to walk. He is pretty happy about it.

3. “Bentley and Bridget, unrelated but inseparable”

4. “This is the only acceptable item that can poke through between my seats.”

5. “Added a bit of flair to my son’s helmet today! Go Minnesota Wild!”

6. “Her favorite place to sleep”

7. “My 102-year-old grandma frying herself some chicken for lunch”

8. “Athena and my son, sharing a sunbeam”

9. “My neighbor’s sweet dog found a moth.”

10. “From a little sister to a big sister in only 4 months”

11. “My grandpa won first place in a Christmas costume party!”

12. ’’I adopted this little guy, but he’s so affectionate that I feel like he adopted me.’’

13. “The squirrel-friend was not ready for the jump up to the nineties today.”

14. “We were worried about how big brother would take care of baby sister.”

15. “3 months vs 9 months, still his favorite chill spot”

16. “My 2-month-old son in his new outfits”

17. ’’I loved my son’s slippers so much that I commissioned a matching pair.’’

Which of these captured your heart the most? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit G***_and_D*** / Reddit


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