15 People Whose Expectations Got Washed Away in the Blink of an Eye

2 years ago

When what you wish for and what happens don’t match, disappointment strikes. Whether it’s from an online shopping fiasco or your nephew’s picture day gone wrong, people everywhere have felt the sting of failed expectations. Thankfully, some folks know how to turn it into hysterical anecdotes.

Now I’ve Seen Everything leaves you with some pics that perfectly captured people’s tales of frustration.

1. “My Sporty Spice costume just came in. Nailed it.”

2. “My girlfriend got this jacket because it has pockets.”

3. “This completely flat spoon I was given to eat my soup with”

4. “The cake I ordered vs the cake I received — Happy Mother’s Day!”

5. “I thought I ordered a blanket. I can’t stop laughing, it looks so funny on my bed.”

6. “The design of this pillowcase makes it look like there are bugs crawling on it.”

7. “The order of these pills”

8. “They looked really tasty.”

9. “Did you want salt or pepper? Wrong!”

10. “When I was 8 years old, I loved Pokémon. I asked my grandmother to make me an Elekid doll, and this is what I got.”

11. “This symmetrical pump head made me laugh.”

12. This bowl looks like it’s perpetually dirty.

13. “Bought this bag online because of the cool front pocket, or rather, fake pocket.”

14. “This grass cutter that I recently purchased online has the cutest short cable I’ve ever seen!”

15. “Is this muesli or bird food? It’s not enough anyway.”

What purchase was a true nightmare for you?

Preview photo credit Rpark888 / Reddit


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