17 Times When “No Makeup” Makeup Impacted Tremendously Women’s Faces

9 months ago

When millions of people use makeup on a daily basis, it becomes clear how important this art form is nowadays. It’s not just about making yourself prettier, but also about increasing your confidence and hiding some imperfections. But people are now starting to understand that you don’t need a lot of layers to look good and just some slight makeup can do the trick.

1. “‘No makeup makeup’ before and after.”

2. “I want to try to be naturally pretty instead of applying a lot of makeup to look pretty. I love red lips and dark liner, but I feel I need to start embracing how I look.”

3. “Before and after of my no makeup look.”

4. “My everyday makeup: My brows are the most important part of my face since they change everything.”

5. “I just can’t live without a highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes. I feel like it instantly distracts attention from my dark circles.”

6. “I tightlined the outer two thirds up top. Then I dotted the liner between my lower lashes to slightly define without making any noticeable lines.”

7. “Natural beauty compared to natural makeup:”

8. “My everyday ‘no-makeup’ makeup.”

9. This ’no makeup’ look required way too many products than you may realize.

10. “I usually apply a lot of makeup, so this is new territory for me!”

11. “My ‘no makeup’ makeup goal is to walk out of the bathroom after an hour and leave everyone wondering what could’ve taken me so long in there.”

12. “A night shifter’s 10 minute no-makeup makeup look! Concealer is my lifeline. Please forgive my hair.”

13. “When you wanted to find out the name of your blush and it turned out to be an eyeshadow. I thought that I was using a blush the whole time.”

14. “My ‘no-makeup’ makeup:”

15. “My no-makeup vs makeup comparison. I just love what makeup can do and very much enjoy my daily makeup routine!”

16. “I had an eye injury a month ago, so I have dark circles under my eyes. This is my updated everyday ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.”

17. “No makeup VS today’s natural glam.”

The power of makeup is indeed massive and people everywhere are using it on a daily basis. But sometimes there is a big difference between a professional and someone who is self-taught.

Preview photo credit theovincent1997 / Reddit


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