17 Tricky Photos That Will Lure You Into a Whirlwind of Confusion

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Henry Miller once said: “Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood.” This notion can be applied to even the simplest things we face on our daily lives that we fail to conceive. And sometimes it’s just a photo that makes us feel confused and like we can’t fully understand what we are looking at.

The human brain can play tricky games on you and Now I’ve Seen Everything has gathered 17 images that will make you think that you see something unreal.

1. “Dog looking from behind a door.”

2. “I thought she was wearing toe socks.”

3. “Napping comfortably”

4. “Giant hand baby.”

5. “Odd angle I thought.”

6. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

7. “These pants on gravel.”

8. “We’re doomed.”

9. “There are 4 cats in this picture.”

10. “Don’t let the headhunters find him.”

11. Is this a giant kitty?

12. “My mom’s dog”

13. “This dog terrorizing the city.”

14. “I took a picture of a ladybug riding a snail!”

15. “A cat coming out of the wall”

16. “Can anyone explain this? (I was not the shadow).”

17. “Hiker got tired and needed a ride.”

Which picture confused you the most? Do you have a good explanation for the shadow in #16?

Preview photo credit BlondeRed / Reddit


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