18 Animals That Got Second Chance and Were Adopted. Even That Some Have Peculiarity

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Animals end up in shelters because their previous owners couldn’t take care of them anymore, or sometimes they were left alone or mistreated. But when people decide to adopt these shelter animals, magic happens! For the people who adopt, it means having a new best friend. It can make them feel less lonely, happier, and less stressed. And for the pets, getting adopted is like winning the jackpot. It means a warm home, yummy food, and lots of love.

“I didn’t grow up with cats. After adopting my first one, I didn’t know what I was missing!”

“My friend adopted this cutie.”

“Adopted my first cat ever today! Meet Earl.”

“Adopted a grizzled veteran who is missing an eye, chunks out of his ears, and the ability to meow.”

First day, and now 5 years later

“Everyone meet Lily. She’s a stray that adopted my husband and me today. He’s not a cat person, but she won him over with that adorable look of love.”

“I adopted a gorgeous (and very skinny) Manx and several days later she had a single kitten. Meet Stella and Bug!”

Find someone that will look at you the way this adopted puppy looks at its human.

“Adopted a cat that is missing an ear. He is so sweet.”

  • He has perfect excuse for not paying attention when you call him. Little man, your life is going to be so great from now on. © Cazza-d / Reddit

“I just adopted my first senior cat, Baby. She clung to us immediately and even slept with us on her first night. She’s the sweetest kitty.”

“Adopted a 12 year old Dachshund. She’s missing most of her teeth so her tongue looks like this — it falls out to the side.”

“Meet Spyro! Glad we took a chance on this shivering, terrified mess a year ago at the pound. He’s the sweetest, most grateful boy in the universe!”

“Just adopted this little girl!! She’s missing an eye but that’s okay.”

“We got ours 3 weeks ago. His tail wags as he eats his dinner. My heart just bursts.”

“Simon was the runt, and nobody wanted him. I asked around trying to get adopted. And then, like 2 hours later, just decided to adopt him myself.”

“This little guy got adopted from the shelter 2 days ago. He is perfection.”

“No one wanted to adopt her, but I thought she was the prettiest.”

“I went to the shelter to adopt a dog, and I found those 2 in this posture, I couldn’t separate them so I ended up adopting both of them.”

When people and shelter animals come together, it’s a win-win. The people get a wonderful new friend, and the pets get a chance at a fantastic, loving life. It’s like turning sad stories into happy ones for everyone involved!

Preview photo credit triessohard / Reddit


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