18 Dads Who Didn’t Want a Pet Until They Felt Their Love

2 years ago

Adopting a pet is a big step for a family — it can totally change its dynamic. One thing is for sure: our pets can multiply our happy feelings day in and day out. Some dads were firm about not wanting to adopt a cat, a dog, or a bird, and they all had their reasons for it. That is, until they snuggled with their new furry friend on a warm couch, feeling their love.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes a happy life is not complete without a pet around, and here are some snaps that are just what you might need right now.

1. “Take another so I can smile!”

2. “No, we are not getting a dog.”

3. “My dad said he just doesn’t really like cats.”

4. “My dad: Birds are annoying. Also my dad:”

5. “Dad was once very vocal about small dogs being expensive rats.”

6. “This is my brother-in-law 2 weeks after my sister took this boy in to catsit for a month, now they’re inseparable.”

7. “He says he doesn’t like them. They love him though.”

8. “My dad was adamant that the cat would stay in the garage while at their house. This is day 1 of letting him inside.”

9. “My dad vibing with the cat”

10. “Dad said no more cats. This is how Dad is now.”

11. “He insists he’s not an animal person and thought I was absurd for buying a leash. Now he always brings him outside.”

12. “My dad didn’t want Luna, but he traded in his car for something more suitable to take her absolutely anywhere.”

13. “He said that cats aren’t friendly like dogs. Now they eat ice cream together like soulmates.”

14. “My dad does NOT like dogs. Which is, of course, why he’s falling out of his chair to pet mine.”

15. “My dad didn’t want EITHER animal. Now look at him.”

16. “He didn’t want a single one of them.”

17. “The man who refused to care for the new kitten we adopted but fell asleep all snuggled up...”

18. “A dog person who was sick of us getting cats — then he found out our kitten fit in his pocket.”

How many pets do you have? How long did it take you to become best friends with them?

Preview photo credit fernanimal / Reddit


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