18 Arguable Masterpieces From Workers Who Do Their Job Under the Slogan “That’s How I See It”

8 months ago

It seems like sometimes, at work, common sense takes a vacation, and mistakes have their own little carnival. We all know that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but some are like unicorns of the workplace — baffling, bizarre, and utterly illogical.

“Needed some blinds for our dark room at work. The guy came to measure the window and assured us it would be ‘completely dark’. This is what they installed.”

“Turn that smile upside down.”

“Made I to the beautiful round shape.”

“These taps in army barrack restroom. They’re all like this.”

When you get something unexpected.

“Thanks! I guess I’ll just have to die then when everything is on fire.”

When you have some leftover material and you have to use it.

When the hamburger was boxed halfway through its preparation.

Can I have 2 of those “pappayas” in the shape of pineapples, please?

“My friend bought this online... You can see the ‘M’ engraved on his hat.”

“How did this even happen?”

“Brothers from another mother.”

“How... How are you supposed to get in?”

“Whose idea was this?”

“Toilet in the Alps of Italy.”

“This random toilet in the hall.”

When the only job was to paint a sign.

“I can’t believe my dad bought this!”

“Is the ink edible?”

When you were asked to make an inscription in Spanish.

Mistakes are an inevitable part of any job. They often serve as valuable lessons, providing insights that can fuel personal and professional growth. However, certain patterns of error can hinder progress and effectiveness in the workplace.


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