22 Ways in Which a Day at Work Could Turn Into a Nightmare

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Every job is a world of its own, and each of them most likely has an annoying part that we prefer to avoid. However, we must face the tough times and move on. After the following examples, you may feel less alone if you are going through a difficult workday.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered stories of workers who did not have a great day so that more people like you can feel accompanied if they had to live through similar situations.

1. “Our designer created a nifty infographic for the office microwave.”

2. This is what the pizzeria’s garbage bags look like

3. “I was removing old flooring for my job and..”

4. “This is my job, I sit in this little metal box 10hrs a day 6 days a week, and watch dirt go by on a conveyor belt to stop it if I see any rips.”

5. “Part of my job is opening my boss’ mail. Here are my pants after opening several glittery Christmas cards. Seriously, why glitter!?”

6. “How much sushi my job makes me throw away everyday (trash bin is full to bottom).”

7. “To the people that do this, thank you for adding ’picking up your trash’ to my job description.”

8. “Just started my new job today. This phone cord....”

9. “Some monster at my job uses paper towels instead of coffee filters.”

10. “To all customers who do this: why can’t you just put things back where you found them? All it does is make my job more of a pain. Sincerely, an exhausted retail worker.”

11. “I was told in my new job that I will be getting an Apple notebook.”

12. “This ’toilet paper’ at my job-site”

13. “It’s my job to get this cart back to the store without touching the car. This happens on a daily basis.”

14. “Time to find a new job (or at least new co-workers).”

15. “Work just got a new machine, took me 3 times as long to enter in my pin.”

16. “User returned their laptop for a new one at work today...”

17. “I work at a college dorm. This week is freshman move in where I’m working a 12 hour shift. I was told not to pack a lunch because a free one is provided. This is my free ’meal.’”

18. “I work at Walmart and people rip open these variety packs to get to the ones that ’their dog will only eat.’”

19. “I work as a Valet.. told him he had to park it himself 🤢”

20. “At the retirement home where I work, someone started using the second cake before finishing the first one.”

21. “I work at an ice skating rink and instead of properly turning in skates people started just throwing them over the counter.”

22. “I’m a baker. After working all morning on this order, I get this text from my boss...”

What is the worst part of your job and what do you do to cope with it?

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