18 Brave Fashionistas Who Are Experts at Stealing the Spotlight

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We all have our own concept of what fashion means. Ideally, we would wear any clothes we like without considering what others think, but in practice, that’s not really the case. Yet, some people manage to wear pieces that many wouldn’t even consider wearing in public. These “fashionistas” know exactly how to capture people’s attention.

1. A bag that matches the theme

2. “Unsure if comically great or horrendously absurd, but they’re mine now.”

3. “My coworker’s scarf looks like a CVS receipt.”

4. “Before you ask, yes, I bought them.”

5. Work is not an obstacle to beauty.

6. “I literally screamed when these shoes fit me at the Goodwill. $15, practically new condition.”

7. “My girlfriend bought a dress like this. I’m beginning to suspect there’s something she’s not telling me.”

8. “My coworker wore a checkered suit today. Unfortunately, she didn’t let us finish.”

9. Does anyone know how to choose the most eye-catching shoes?

10. “A $1.99 Goodwill T-shirt find”

11. “’I hope you’re not buying that,’ my girlfriend texted me. How could I pass this up for $6.98?”

12. Some people have contests for the ugliest Christmas sweater, while others take it to another level, Christmas costumes.

13. People wearing punk-style clothing can also wear light shoes.

14. “Me and my new Squidward Painting sweater that I thrifted.”

15. “So this guy had a picture of a shoe taped to his shoe?”

16. “My wife’s new dress has a total of two pockets, and this is one of them.”

17. “Pac-man suit”

18. “Give me a hand”

What garment do you have in your closet that makes you stand out from the crowd and you are proud to wear no matter what your family and friends think?


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