15+ Fully-Grown Dogs Who Are Still Puppies at Heart

2 years ago

“Dogs grow up so fast!”, that’s probably a thought dog owners catch themselves thinking a lot. Indeed, bigger breeds take longer to grow up completely, but even for them, it takes no more than just 2 years. Maybe this is the reason why some dogs’ favorite activity is sitting on their humans’ lap, even though they’ve become very big boys and girls.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that size should not be an obstacle for showing love and affection, and we’ve found 15+ photos of dogs and their owners who agree.

1. “Personal space? Sorry, never heard of it.”

2. “Our 1-year-old lap dog”

3. “80-lb lap dog. She apparently needed a hug.”

4. “They BOTH sat on me.”

5. “Your typical lap dog”

6. “This is Ben, a really good boi who thinks he’s a lap dog.”

7. “Duke, my 120-lb lap dog”

8. “This absolute unit of a hippo thinks she’s a lap dog.”

9. “If Sage fits, Sage sits.”

10. “My boy Watson, head of security, 160 lbs”

11. “Da beast”

12. “I’m just gonna sit right here, ok?”

13. “My husband and I were sitting on the floor talking when...”

14. “We can all relate...”

15. “Mommy’s boy... typical lap dog”

16. “My 125-lb lapdog”

17. “Me and my 1-year and 4-month-old puppy Thor”

Do you also have a lap dog just like these good boys and girls? Share your pet anecdotes with us in the comment section below.


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