18 Brides Who Proved That Wedding Dresses Don’t Have to Be Expensive in Order to Be Impressive

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The average cost of a standard wedding dress was about $1,800 in 2021. There are many factors of course that can make this price go up or down, but generally brides do buy their own unique designs. However, there are some women who choose to look for cheaper and more alternative choices that won’t cost them as much. That’s why they decide to visit thrift stores or alter older family dresses or even make their unique dress.

1. “A wedding dress for my sister I knitted last year.”

2. “My under $800 wedding dress for a bubblegum themed wedding.”

3. “I knit my wedding dress with $20 of yarn!”

4. “My wedding dress didn’t arrive in time so I wore my mom’s 1960s wedding dress and it was perfect for our backyard ceremony.”

5. “Found this gorgeous wedding dress in a crowded goodwill! It was just sitting at the end of a rack and I picked it up.”

6. “Just finished sewing the liner into my wedding dress! Just in time: 5 more days until I say, ’I do!’”

7. “My wedding dress- traditional Caucasian wedding costume.”

“You look like Royalty.” ©-chipsndips- / Reddit

8. “I made my own wedding dress! It was a trial and a half, but I’m so happy it’s done now. 165 hours spent, total!”

9. “A $40 thrifted vintage lace wedding dress.”

10. “When I locked eyes with the dress, I knew it was the one for me, and for $17 bucks, I couldn’t pass it up!”

11. “I bought it secondhand, it’s a Morilee gown.”

12. “Probably my favorite purchase ever! $3 vintage wedding dress.”

13. “This $50 wedding dress that I purchased online stole the show after my designer wedding dress was delayed.”

14. “This is my mom’s ’80s wedding dress transformation for my elopement.”

15. “I found this wedding dress at a thrift boutique and I love so much about it.”

16. “Found my bohemian style dress!”

17. “I felt like a bride. I’m so in love! And all within budget!”

18. “Found this beautiful blue vintage wedding dress at a local thrift shop.”

If you were to choose your future wedding dress, what would you go for? Or if you have gotten married, what type of dress did you choose?

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