20 Pets Who Know How to Push Our Giggle Buttons

2 years ago

Using sinks for beds, sitting on the stairs in an attempt to prolong their walks — cats and dogs really know how to keep the atmosphere filled with laughs. A pet in the household guarantees you’ll have a few moments of minimal destruction and an infinite amount of moments with maximum fun.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some of the most rebellious animals and here are the best — we hope they’ll put a smile on your face.

1. “The kitten will only stop crying if I hold him upside down...”

2. “The way my dog rejects going back home”

3. “I guess she didn’t approve of the new bed.”

4. “I wonder who did it...”

5. “My dog’s new bed is memory foam. He’s realized my fiancé’s pillow is made of the same thing so now he thinks he has a second bed...”

6. “The most efficient way to get white fur over all your black clothes.”

7. “I told him to stay inside and I turn around and see him like this.”

8. “My dog in the cat’s bed”

9. “RIP to my blinds.”

10. “Game of Monopoly got interrupted.”

11. They really had to ruin the Christmas photo.

12. “Things going sideways in 3... 2... 1...”

13. “My cat loves sitting in the sink for hours.”

14. “Here, let me open that for you while you’re out running errands.”

15. “We should’ve named him ‘FOMO,’ not ‘Tito,’ for jumping the baby gate repeatedly while we leveled the floors.”

16. “I tied the bag full of litter, ran to grab a sturdier bag, then heard a loud thunk and digging sound... Plus, I just shampooed the carpet earlier...”

17. “She got into the trash.”

18. “My GF’s kitten has a weird obsession with toilet paper.”

19. “Ok.”

20. “I’m just trying to get through the semester.”

How do your pets misbehave? Do they have any quirky habits?

Preview photo credit violinfiddleman / Reddit


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