15 Times a Job Wasn’t Done, and People Were Left to Rage

2 years ago

There’s nothing more infuriating than poorly done work. Whether it’s an off-centered chandelier or a door lock that doesn’t actually lock, people sometimes completely miss the point of what’s supposed to be done. Fortunately, those who come across these failed attempts turn it into an anecdote we can have a good laugh at together.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a few instances where “how” is the only reply possible.

1. “No wonder I was struggling.”

2. “I’m literally screaming inside.”

3. “The boyfriend decided to try out a new hairdresser.”

4. “I found out that one of my socks is missing one color.”

5. “The new staircase at my school”

6. “When you customize the order, it defaults to no cheese and no sauce.”

7. “This chandelier at a restaurant I ate at bothers me so much.”

8. “Installed the lock, boss.”

9. “15 straws, thanks.”

10. “Found this in a reputed university building.”

11. “Kids’ learning chart is done.”

12. “Ordered a new chlorinator for the pool, the instructions came on VHS.”

13. “I think the designers were wrong.”

14. “Well, isn’t that ironic...”

15. “I didn’t even know this was possible.”

Did these fails disturb your inner perfectionist? Have you ever dealt with people who don’t care about their duties?

Preview photo credit ItsyBitsyStumblebum / Reddit


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