19 Cats That Have Their Own Weird Ideas About the Best Places to Sleep

2 years ago

Cats are very popular pets. In the US alone, almost 32 million households have a cat. It’s not surprising: they can play, purr, or just simply be so cute that you might notice you only have cat pics on your phone after you’ve adopted them. Especially if they do something adorably silly, for example, like fall asleep at random and in places you’d never expect.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love our feline friends, so we’ve gathered this compilation of sleeping cats.

“Dear Internet, I present you my cat sleeping.”

“My cat passed out in the tank where I keep the potted plants that need to be kept safe from her. This has been a surprisingly effective method... until today.”

“My coworker is really distracting. I should complain to HR.”

“What is she doing here?”

“My cat sleeps in the weirdest places sometimes. He’s 12 years old.”

Looks comfy.

“The way my girlfriend’s cat sleeps”

“Oh, you wanted to use your skateboard? Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone were sleeping on it.”

“Will you sleep on your...? Ok, I give up.”

“I’ll take a nap right here.”


“The best spot to sleep”

“The way my neighbor’s cat sleeps when it’s hot out.”

“My cat thinks he’s a dragon sleeping on his hoard.”

“My cat thinks it’s normal to sleep like this.”

“I thought buying a little bed was a good idea.”

“My lazy derp dreaming of thriller nights.”

“Cats are liquid, so this is the place for them.”

“My cat sleeping like a derp with his face resting on the trash can.”

Do your pets sleep in weird places? We’d be happy to see some photos!

Preview photo credit KonKon1337 / reddit


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