18 People Who Forgot What It Means to Do Your Job Right

year ago

Mistakes can happen and do happen every single day everywhere around us and we might be making some errors here and there. That is only natural, but on some occasions it’s not about making a mistake by accident. Often, people seem like they don’t care about being careful or good at their job. They make errors that have no logical explanation or the only explanation is that they simply couldn’t care less.

1. Sharing the toilet with the apartment next door.

2. “I didn’t sharpen the pencils just like you said, boss.”

3. “Ah yes. Everything is fine here.”

4. “And the winner of ‘not my job’ is...my sister!”

5. “This key was screwed and painted to the door frame inside my wife’s apartment. True ’not my job’ laziness!”

6. “I would die, if this would be my kitchen.”

7. “Installed the new sign, boss.”

8. “Fixed the hole in the wall, boss.”

9. When you manage to get something useful and make it useless.

10. “What we’re missing here is certainly not creativity.”

11. How can this be functional?

12. “Safety? Not on my watch!”

13. “Let’s go out on the balcony. Oh wait.”

14. “I would’ve paid him just as much to not do the job if I’m being completely honest.”

15. “So my buddies and I found a locked gate.”

16. “Close enough...”

17. “Finished the stripes in the parking lot, boss!”

18. “Had ordered chocolate chip pancakes and gave us regular ones. Asked for the correct order and this is what happened.”

Do you think that people truly don’t care about their job or being any good at it? Or maybe they are just having a bad day every once in a while?


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