18 People Who Mastered the Art of Camouflage

2 years ago

Anyone who served in the army knows the importance of blending in with your surroundings. But 18 people featured in this article aren’t in the military, they’re just very attentive to details and notice things many of us wouldn’t have paid attention to. From a plant that perfectly matches one’s hair color to a highlighter that happens to be the same shade as nail polish, these people grabbed their cameras at just the right moment to capture truly amazing coincidences.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything had to rub our eyes quite a few times as we looked at photos shared by people who match their surroundings just like chameleons.

1. “My shoes match the machines I use at work!”

2. “My nail polish and highlighter match.”

3. Camouflage level: extreme

4. “The way my cousin’s sweater closely matches the seats of this bus”

5. “My new Calathea matches my hair.”

6. “My shoes match this hotel’s carpet perfectly.”

7. “My jacket matches the sign for the national park I was visiting.”

8. “My son matches the placemat at Chick-fil-A.”

9. “Grabbed a can of Arizona Green Tea at my friend’s house and noticed my tattoo and shirt match the can.”

10. “This lady’s clothes match the painting.”

11. “This guy’s clothes match these flowers.”

12. “A friend’s bag and a camper’s shirt matched today.”

13. “I realized this netting that holds fruit matched a shirt I own, so I became fruit.”

14. “My coworker’s pants and this box of tissues”

15. “Went to an ’80s party this weekend and my shirt matched the wall covering.”

16. “Was bored in the car and tried to match my face to Abraham Lincoln’s on the $5 bill. It worked!”

17. “My band-aid kind of matches my shorts.”

18. “The color of my smoothie matches my bag.”

Have you ever been surprised by accidentally matching something? The comment section is the perfect place to drop your best photos of these coincidences.


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