What You See First Unveils the Secrets of Your Character

11 months ago

It would seem logical that we’d be the ones to know ourselves the best. Yet, life has a peculiar way of springing surprises on us. Every now and then, we stumble upon unknown aspects of our character, taking us by complete surprise. Now, we’ve prepared a fun, visual test for you. Who knows? You might just uncover new facets of yourself that were hidden until now. Enjoy this journey of self-discovery!

What did you see first?


  • Frog: You are very honest and straightforward while communicating with other people. You are self-assured and expect everyone else to treat you in the same manner.
  • Horse: You aren’t known for your impulsiveness, but on the contrary, you over-analyze everything. That’s because you prefer to see things for yourself and not let others guide you.


  • The lock: You love to explore what you don’t know, learn new things, and get out of your comfort zone. You may be interested in someone, so be sure to talk to that person.

  • The crying figure: You need to pay more attention to your feelings and listen to your wishes. At the same time, you need time to relax and clear your mind.


  • The face: You are a social person and curious about the lives of others. For you, everything is unique and interesting. You pay attention to what is, instead of the details.

  • The fish: You are happy with your life. You believe in luck and a happy future. For you, the glass is always half full and details are very important to you.


  • An open door: You are ready for changes and are going in the right direction. You face the future without fear but rather, excitement. You are a source of inspiration for others.

  • The musical note: Expressing yourself is important to you. You feel you have something important to share with the world. Don’t look back and take risks.


  • A car: The world is full of mysteries to you. It is also made of many different things that always stimulate your imagination.

  • A person with binoculars: You are nice to others, and are not critical of them or yourself.

  • The letter “A”: Your mood swings are real, but not extreme. You can go from happy to sad. Remember to balance life and work.


  • A crocodile: Your life is full of many colors and you have a creative approach to everything.

  • Mountains and water: You are neither very conventional nor very individualistic. You are usually optimistic and tend to be constructive.

  • People on a boat: You are sociable and get along well with others. You are adventurous and adapt easily to social situations.


  • Rabbit: You are more of a technical person than a caring one because the left hemisphere of your brain is dominant.

  • Duck: In this case, the right hemisphere of your brain dominates the left, so you are very “human” when it comes to your personality.


  • Cat heading upstairs: You don’t pay attention to details. You’re probably a little bit messy and naive. You believe in everything you see and this makes you love life.

  • Cat heading downstairs: You are an attentive person and have good intuition. You pay a lot of attention to detail and like a challenge.


  • An old lady: You’re an experienced person. You have a critical mind, and you analyze life from every point of view.

  • A young woman: You are an optimist and impulsive. You’re also happy.


  • An old man in bed: You always worry too much. You can’t help but think about every little thing that happens in your life, and you let it take up a lot of your energy.
  • The maid: You are excellent at finding answers to tricky questions. And that’s why your friends come to you whenever they want some good and helpful advice.
  • The dancing couple: You are a romantic soul. You might not talk about love all the time, but finding that deep romantic connection is very important to you.
  • An old man with a mustache: You always see the bigger picture, which means you are a very creative person. However, don’t forget to also notice the smaller details that can be very crucial.

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