18 People Whose Genius Advice Will Make You Feel Grateful for the Internet

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One massive perk of the internet is that it helps us see and learn things that it would be hard to know any other way. It is a place where anyone can share their knowledge with others and feel important for doing so. And no matter how smart anyone is, there are things that they don’t know but someone else will tell them.

  • If you need to cancel a hotel reservation but are unable to because of a 24-hour policy, call the company and move your reservation to a later date. Call back within a few days and cancel for no charge. BDunnn / Reddit
  • If you feel tired and want to sleep with kids in the house. Tell them to wake you up in about 30 minutes so we can start cleaning the house and they will do literally anything to avoid waking you up. eljuan1161 / Reddit
  • If a company says, I can’t pay you too much now, but if you stick around you’ll be greatly rewarded.... Leave. They’ll just dangle it like a carrot if you want a promotion. Xcboots / Reddit
  • That money that scientific journals charge you to read a paper goes 100% to the publisher, and 0 % to the authors. If you just email us to ask for our papers, we are allowed to send them to you for free! There are a few exceptions, but most will send them to you for free and will be genuinely delighted to do so. sonicyeayea / Reddit
  • I noticed the cost of two eggs at the diner was higher than of one egg with a side of one egg, so I ordered that. The waitress told all her coworkers, who laughed. A friend still tells the story. She was confused at first! MarcElliottLevy / Twitter
  • Always take a video of your rental car before driving it. Just got a 900 USD bill for damages that were already on the car. FlippyFlippenstein / Reddit
  • When punishing your kids, don’t take away their electronics. Take away their charger and watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery slowly dies. LadyRed_6 / Twitter
  • I work in night shift, so by the time I’m off from work, there’s no public transport available. So I registered as a designated driver on an app & only pick orders going somewhere near my home. I no longer need to pay for the transportation for going home, instead, I get paid for it. iFoegot / Reddit
  • Actually follow the pre-interview instructions. Just had an interview that required me to watch a video that ended with “And remember, the keyword is ’pickle’”. The first question they asked me was “whats the keyword?”. Not everyone knows it, they said. Japan25 / Reddit
  • We’ve had 3 break-ins in a month, even though we had real security cameras set up. After putting fake cameras with bright red lights on the front of our house, we haven’t had a single break-in in 2 years. You should focus more on deterring instead of catching. DudeGuyManDog / Reddit
  • When you go to hotels that require you to leave a room key in a wall holder to let you turn on the lights, instead of using your room key use ANY other card. The holder doesn’t read the card, it just needs something to trip the switch. jesedigniee / Reddit
  • This old lady came to the bank I work to withdraw $10. I told her that for less than $100 she has to use the ATM. So she asked for $1,000 in $10 bills. I was confused but counted it out and handed her the money. And then she took $10, gave me $990, and said, “deposit this.” rudy_betrayed / Twitter
  • Need a lawyer, but can’t afford one? If you live near a university with a law school, contact the law school and see if they have a legal clinic. A legal clinic provides law students with an opportunity to practice law. They are supervised by actual lawyers and can help you with paperwork and navigating the legal system. The supervising lawyer may be willing to represent you in court if needed. The_Real_Mrs_Coffee / Reddit
  • When you travel, bring something that smells good but that you’ve never used before — like a new perfume or a scented candle. You can condition yourself to associate a certain smell with your vacation, and you’ll be able to viscerally remember your travels years later by smelling that scent. vox1028 / Reddit
  • I worked at a fast food place for a while and had this one regular who ALWAYS had something to complain about. The worst was that no matter what, our fries were NEVER fresh. Whenever we saw her we’d drop fresh fries just so she wouldn’t complain about them. She’d order, and we’d give her fries directly from the fryer and she’d tell us they weren’t fresh. My manager got them from her, walked to the back, and brought her the exact same container and apologized...The lady said “these are perfect” and went about her day. Mattxy8 / Reddit
  • Use an old prepaid card with $0 left to sign up for free trials that need a credit card, without worrying about being charged the next month when you forget. RemarkableScene / Reddit
  • Photocopy center: “Can I get a ream of paper, please?”
    “Sorry, sir, we can’t give away the paper—it’s for copies only.”
    “Okay, can I get one blank piece of paper?”
    “Okay, can you make 499 copies of this?” kpomeraning / Twitter

Did you know any of the tips shared above? If not, which ones will you start implementing immediately in your daily life?

Preview photo credit Mattxy8 / Reddit


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