17 Out-of-the-Box Tricks That Were Unexpectedly Successful

2 years ago

Sometimes we are at home and we want to either repair or build something in order to accomodate our needs. But, either because we want to keep the cost low or because we don’t have all the ingredients, we think of new and unusual designs. And as long as the final product is safe and useful, it doesn’t matter if it looks out of the ordinary.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to give a big thumbs up to these 17 smart brains that thought of these unique solutions.

1. “The bathroom mirror mirroring away.”

2. A very effective method for resolving the lack of light

3. “My family’s doorbell stopped working a week or so ago. We had to improvise.”

4. “A PVC pipe basketball ’hoop’ I made so that my son could practice”

5. “My mom and sisters’ attempt at providing air conditioning in the back for me — it did the trick!”

6. “Forgot my stovetop is induction when I bought my kettle.”

7. Door without a handle? The spout of a plastic bottle can be a great option.

8. “No cup holders? No problem.”

9. “How to deal with rain flooding in through the seams in the door”

10. Who said Band-Aids were only good for covering cuts and scrapes?

11. A practical, though not very elegant, alternative to cover the sun when there are no curtains

12. “Found this beautiful extension cord today. There is a hand cranck on the other side.”

13. “In a private hospital to keep the TV at the right angle...”

14. The right way to reuse an old boot

15. “Apparently, forceps make great antenna boosters.”

16. “Master Lock 100”

17. “When a windshield is required by law, and the cops in your area enforce the rule, no matter what.”

Have you ever created such an unusual solution that did the job it was aimed for?

Preview photo credit TheeOxygene / reddit


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