18 Photos That Radiate Pure Happiness

2 years ago

In our lives, some days are better than others. So from time to time, when we feel sad, it’s a good idea to remember the moments from our lives,= when we felt happy. For some people, the best remedy will be remembering their child’s reaction to getting a kitten, for others — it’ll be the moment they got their master’s degree.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to share these photos that are filled with pure joy.

“My girlfriend managed to snap a picture of our baby girl striking a pose.”

“Got it laminated to replace my air freshener.”

“The birthday boy with his new kitten: ’This is the happiest day of my life!’”

“50 and finally got my master’s. I’m super stoked...”

“A friend of mine sent me this photo of her trying to read.”

“That time I became a mother in Antarctica.”

“Wedding photographer gave us a smoke bomb to use during our shooting.”

“Meet Clara and Oliver! Clara just adopted Oliver from a local rescue. She said he sleeps with her every night!”

“My son’s reaction when he first saw his girlfriend come down the stairs to go to senior prom”

“When you try and take a nice Mother’s Day picture but your dog makes her best derp ever!”

“I’ve been harvesting fresh food in London using my backyard for the past 7 years!”

“Rejected from police training for being ‘too friendly.’”

“My 96-year-old grandmother recently started watching The Simpsons. She drew these.”

“My cat is a very proud mom.”

“A year and a half-ish after I was adopted — this is my mom and me.”

“My Golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome.”

Sir Patrick Stewart with a 1-week-old puppy

“My mom had this owl decoy in her garden and my daughter fell in love with it, so she sent it home with us. My daughter named her Lisa.”

Which picture made you feel all cozy inside? Do you have a picture that can lift your mood at any time? Share it with us so we can make the world just a little bit happier together!

Preview photo credit phimpxy2 / Reddit


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