15 People Who Turn Heads Every Time They Leave the House

2 years ago

When a person is born, we usually attribute their features to genetics stemming from their parents and grandparents. However, that’s not always the case, and sometimes people have rare mutations that make them look a little different than the rest of us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to remind you that you are unique and perfect just the way you are no matter what others think or say.

1. “I have vitiligo and heterochromia.”

2. “I was born without finger or toe prints.”

3. “Yes, I am taller than the door.”

4. “My sister has a missing knuckle. Her finger still works, but it’s just short.”

5. “My daughter’s birthmark is an upvote.”

6. “My right index finger is longer than my other fingers.”

7. “3 years ago, I decided to stop using dye and let my hair grow. I wanted to embrace my grays and encourage others to do the same.”

8. “My thumbs are toes.”

9. My newborn son is covered head to toe in white “fur.”

10. “I’m partially blind in my left eye. It doesn’t show any ’red eye’ in photos.”

11. “My friend’s mother has gray and green eyes with a birthmark in one of them.”

12. “My daughter’s hair is falling out leaving a little mohawk.”

13. “6 months of letting the white streak grow out, embrace your patches!”

14. “Met a new cousin yesterday with 6 toes.”

15. “My birthmark looks like vampire bites.”

Do you happen to have any features that people tell you are very unique? If so, do strangers stare at you on the street?

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