18 Designs That Made Us Raise a Brow More Than Once

2 years ago

We all have some bad days from time to time when nothing seems to go as planned, and designers are no exceptions. The only thing is, their mishaps are usually very hard to miss: A plate with lots of (thankfully, painted) insects on it, a video to “watch” in a textbook, or a shower in the middle of a hallway — all of these are highly noticeable.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have gathered some designers’ creations that are surely great at one thing at least — improving people’s mood.

1. Dishes with ants. Are you still hungry?

2. An advertising poster that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

3. What are these?

4. We wonder if this designer has ever seen a compass.

5. Safety matters

6. For that “dipped in mud” look.

7. “I never imagined the Golden Gate Bridge would be as bike friendly as it is.”

8. The circle on this volume control isn’t centered on the line.

9. There is something wrong with The Incredibles.

10. “Don’t think the owner of this hotel thought this through.”

11. “My hotel’s tub”

12. What a security system! Amazing!

13. You’re not allowed to make a mistake.

14. “My textbook has a video for me to watch.”

15. “I hope they have a room for good employees as well.”

16. When it’s 3 o’clock for 3 hours...

17. Perhaps there’s a hidden meaning.

18. I am not sure if anyone wants to shower here.

And have you ever seen anything like this? Do you have pictures? Share with us!

Preview photo credit rrk99 / reddit


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