18 Pics That “Catfished” Us Right Before Our Very Eyes

year ago

The term “catfish” is widely used today to refer to someone who creates a fake profile online. But it looks like people are not the only ones with the ability to hide behind false identities. Because even things and animals can attempt to trick our minds into thinking that they are something else.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered these 18 photos that tried to deceive our eyes at our first glance, and we hope you enjoy figuring them out.

1. “Magic carpet ride”

2. You might think that these glasses saw something surprising, but it’s just a lamp reflection.

3. It’s not a reflective lake.

4. “This woman’s knees look like baby faces.”

5. “Stop! What the heck are you doing over there! This is not a public toil... Oh, never mind.”

6. “Couch dog or dog couch?”

7. It looks like a secret meeting of ghosts discussing how to scare people next time.

8. “This pic of London looks like it should be a video.”

9. This is a real cafe in Korea, not a drawing.

10. “Khaleesi! I’m telling you for the last time, watch your drag... Oh, puppy, that’s you!”

11. “Khaleesi! I’m not mistaken this time!”

12. “A floating traffic sign”

13. When you wish your dog could stay a puppy forever, but something goes wrong:

14. These people aren’t trapped in a well, it’s just a floor.

15. How your parents see you when you’re 30 and come to visit them:

16. We hope that no one sat on this iPad before it was found.

17. “Hi-yo, Susan! Away!”

18. “Interesting reflection. Almost looks like an underwater city.”

Which photo made you forget about everything around you and stare at it until you found an answer?


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