18 Pictures That Made Us Ask Questions

year ago

Each and every one of us walking down the street has a very unique way of thinking. Someone might do something that seems weird to you but is completely logical to them. This is how extraordinary the world we live in is, and maybe that is what keeps us fascinated every day that goes by.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has so many questions regarding these 18 pictures, and maybe you can help us find an answer.

1. “This guy putting his knee on the counter while checking out.”

2. “Boots with flip flops”

3. Truly unique, but not sure about practical.

4. “Do you ever just feel like a rotisserie chicken?”

5. “This clothing store that hung its shirts sideways...”

6. “When you like your pic-a-nic basket grilled.”

7. “Wifey is 41 weeks pregnant, just found out she can still smell her foot if need be.”

8. “Just went for a pee.”

9. “This cat on a toilet.”

10. Haircut I showed the hairdresser vs What she cut

11. “The ol’ Pancake handshake.”

12. “This is what happens when my mother sees recipes on Facebook...”

13. “Office in a swamp.”

14. “You 2 sit down and eat your greens! I’ve worked hard on this dinner and you’ll darn well finish it!”

15. What a decor.

16. And if a girl wants to be beautiful, nothing can stop her.

17. “This cart looks like it’s leaning on its friend.”

18. “Get the good boy some roasted chicken, will ya??”

What is the most unexpected and hard to explain thing you’ve ever seen or done?


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