15 Times Nature Didn’t Shy Away From Putting on a Show

2 years ago

Mother Nature has just the right recipe to make any day eventful. It scatters wonderful creations around the world that can stop anyone in their tracks. Of course, some findings are pretty rare. But worry not, social media is full of examples of nature’s gifts to us, like a photo of basketball-sized mushrooms and one of a full rainbow circle.

Now I’ve Seen Everything invites you to take some time to appreciate nature with this compilation of a few of its masterpieces.

1. “These leaves caught on a rock in a stream”

2. “This big orange mushroom I found today”

3. “These perfect raindrops that formed on my strawberry plant”

4. “This is what some bees made in one week after a beekeeper forgot to put a frame in the box.”

5. “Blue fungus that turned the whole interior of this stick blue”

6. “This blueberry my sister found is in the shape of a heart.”

7. “This rock looks like a decapitated dragon’s head.”

8. “The size of this carrot”

9. “A leaf I found on my car”

10. “Huge mushroom growing in my yard (basketball for reference)”

11. “The one-inch succulent I bought in 1984, which is just now starting to die”

12. “A full rain... circle”

13. “This triangle-shaped rock I found”

14. “A berry big strawberry”

15. “This is how a cow’s mouth looks inside.”

Have you ever seen something extraordinary? Do you take pictures when you see something unusual?

Preview photo credit xxCannonBallxx / Reddit


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