18 Stars Whose Childhood Photos Made Us Adore Them Even More

year ago

It is fascinating how much of our raw personality and attitude gets reflected in our childhood photos. And while some of us look at them and instantly recognize themselves, others realize that their looks have drastically changed ever since. Either way, our first photos are some of our most precious possessions, because they will forever remain as a souvenir of we are, and a way for our little ones to meet their parents while they were as tiny as them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything was intrigued to find out what our favorite celebrities looked like in their early years. You will be surprised at how much or how very little some of them have changed.

1. Cindy Crawford

2. Matthew McConaughey

3. Heidi Klum

4. Hilary Duff

5. Orlando Bloom

6. Chrissy Teigen

7. Miley Cyrus

8. Dua Lipa

9. Anne Hathaway

10. Justin Timberlake

11. Taylor Swift

12. Kylie Minogue

13. Mandy Moore

14. Kim Kardashian

15. Ariana Grande

16. Alyson Hannigan

17. Shawn Mendes

18. Jennifer Aniston

What’s your favorite picture from your childhood photo album? Which celebrities do you think look most like their younger selves? Which ones have changed the most?


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