15+ Super Confusing Images That Will Freeze Your Mind for a Minute

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Many people love to take pictures: of landscapes, of animals, of their acquaintances, and the list goes on. But there are times when you can find something other than the main subject of an image, or at other times, what we thought was one thing, after a closer look, we discover it is something else. Perspective is an interesting thing in photography and can create mind games in which we have to look more than once to understand what is really going on.

1. “Giant soccer ball sitting on a rock wall”

2. “My cat sitting on the back of my chair makes it look like she’s wearing a leather jacket.”

3. “Just a guy wearing a hoodie”

4. “These are not my legs!”

5. “Giant headed kitten”

6. “The back of a sheep or a bunny rabbit?”

7. “My crush has 3 legs.”

8. “The safest milk crate challenge.”

9. Mirrors are a good object to confuse the vision.

10. Does the nose belong to the bride or the groom?

11. A double-decker car.

12. “Those are just baby turtles, not a crocodile.”

13. “Looks like his legs are in the cart”

14. This grill looks very friendly.

15. “Took me a couple minutes to realize he’s hugging a pillow.”

16. “Took this photo on vacation yesterday. Apparently, I’m floating.”

17. A boat in an ice cave or a frozen car window?

18. It took us a while to see that it was actually a cone.

19. “A picture of friends prior to a Vegas wedding.”

Have you ever taken a picture that made you doubt what you were seeing through the lens? Share it in the comments!


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