18 Things That Fit Together Like Pieces of a Puzzle

2 years ago

If you notice things that seem to be created for each other and fit together perfectly, then the photos we collected for this article will definitely make your inner perfectionist happy. These pictures were taken and shared by incredibly attentive people who appreciate coincidences and always have their cameras ready.

There’s something truly calming and satisfying about things that fit together like a lock and key, and Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 18 pictures that prove these moments of perfection do exist.

1. “Years of playing Tetris pay off.”

2. “This coin in my ring. Both were in my pocket all day.”

3. “Recently built a garage addition, and the customer’s car just happens to slide right in by chance.”

4. “Exactly 2 bags of FarmRich mozzarella bites”

5. “Putting 2 boxes of cereal in my reusable shopping bag”

6. “Not an inch more, not an inch less”

7. “The way my longboard fits into the compartment in my trunk”

8. “Went to a restaurant, and I tried to get out of someone’s way and realized this nook was perfect for me.”

9. “This cheese was made for this slice of bread.”

10. “Any smaller, and my stroopwafel wouldn’t fit atop my coffee, but if it were any bigger, it wouldn’t heat evenly.”

11. “All of the computers from the entire office fit perfectly into the random crate we use for moving stuff.”

12. “My wife’s wedding band inside mine. I guess you say we are a perfect fit... See what I did there?”

13. “My omelette du fromage accidentally fits my plate.”

14. “As soon as I unwrapped my new soap, I thought, there’s no way that’s going to fit.”

15. “So neat you can only smile”

16. “My wife was wearing the right jacket at the right time.”

17. “Dropped my can of tuna into the sink by accident, but maybe it was meant to go there?”

18. “The way my kids’ blocks fit in this oversized ice tray”

Which side are you on: perfectionist or messy? What have you discovered in your home or around you that fit perfectly together?

Please note: This article was updated in June 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Mr_PoodlePants / Reddit


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