18 Times Life Made Us Exclaim “What Were The Chances?!”

2 years ago

Sometimes, the most ordinary days can be spiced up by what seems like the universe itself when we encounter different coincidences that are hard to explain. For example, when your friend meets not one but two people wearing the same shirt as him, or when you get the same fortune from two fortune cookies in a row.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found these funny “accidents” that prove that life has a great sense of humor.

1. “I found a diamond in my shoe while working out...”

“It’s definitely an earring. They seem to pierce shoes fairly easily in my experience.” — © mikanee / Reddit

2. “I got a pic of my boyfriend falling off a floaty and just realized there was a guy falling off a boat at the same time.”

3. “This spoonful of butter looks like a horse.”

4. “There’s a bathroom in my parent’s house that is lit by a single window. And this is what happens every day.”

5. “My bro got a basketball stuck like this.”

6. “2 people came into work today with the same tattoo as me, I had to take a picture.”

7. “The shadows cast by the curtains look like a dragon on the left attacking a village on the right curtain.”

8. “I got the same fortune 2 times in a row.”

9. “After this lucky shot, we tried to recreate it, but it didn’t work.”

10. “One was in my jar at home, and one was from the cashier.”

11. “My glass somehow broke into a perfect loop.”

12. “This number combination on the label of my plant.”

13. “This tree fell on a fence and destroyed it, but perfectly replaced it.”

14. “My wife found this little letter ’A’ on my back.”

15. “What are the odds of throwing this paper airplane into an outlet?”

16. “Mushrooms sprouted around the window in our fairy house! Now it’s super legit!”

17. “At 7-Eleven and the total is $7.11.”

18. “My buddy was wearing the same shirt as a woman at the bar. Later on, he found another man wearing it too.”

Have you also seen any funny coincidences that are just too good to be kept to yourself? Share your story or photos with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit fightinforphilly / Reddit


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