18 Times We Had a Lot of Questions for the Designers but Got No Answers

2 years ago

With some “out there” designs, it’s hard to say whether the item’s appearance and functionality are a conscious choice of a very creative person (maybe a bit too creative even) or just a coincidence or mistake. Either way, such peculiar things generally bring us positive emotions thus making us genuinely like them even if we find them weird at first.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found a whole collection of such works that we are glad to share with you.

1. “Didn’t have to do my boy Spidey like that.”

2. “This ’Shrek’ in a park in Turkey”

3. “Why, Marvel?”

4. “Best spoon ever!”

5. “Saw this at my local grocery store, absolutely killing it.”

6. “’Fashion stole my money’ for $11.”

7. This is an unused mattress with a forest pattern. The brown color was probably a mistake.

8. “My boss’s shoes are made out of ostrich.”

9. “This baby mannequin has feet for hands.”

10. “Just... why would you?”

11. “Rather walk barefoot, thanks.”

12. “Ah yes, popular condiments salt and eppe”

13. “This mannequin with broken legs”

14. “This Christmas decoration”

15. “This urinal has cutouts to help you pee on your shoes.”

16. “Instead of making these thermometers turn off they just stay on and display the word ’off’, making them run their batteries very fast.”

17. “These silly cat fridge magnets put a fair amount of detail on the cat butts.”

18. “These garden decorations on sale”

Have you seen anything even weirder than all of these examples above? Do you have any photos of them? Please share them with all of us in the comment section below.


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