18 Truly Wondrous Things You Could Only Find in Japan

2 years ago

Japan is one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries, and they make sure everyone sees that around their cities. One good affirmation of this is that there is 1 vending machine per 43 citizens and they sell pretty much everything you can think of. That’s only one reason why the country looks so appealing to outsiders who would like to take some of the culture back home.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to shed some light to the unique things you can only see and find in Japan.

1. This square watermelon.

2. People get rid of their disposable umbrellas.

3. A parking space that takes advantage of the height too.

4. Oranges also come in unusual shapes.

5. “Clear Coca-Cola bought in Osaka, Japan.”

6. “This vending machine in Japan sells fish broth.”

7. There is a hotel where all the staff are robots.

8. “This building in Sapporo has a thermometer.”

9. “Ice cream covered in gold leaf from Kanazawa, Japan.”

10. Kids leave their bags in the train station’s waiting area so they can go have some food.

11. This bicycle was created so that parents can travel with their two kids.

12. This is fresh and soft bread with carbonated charcoal.

13. A guard is making sure no one will use this out-of-use escalator.

14. Many restaurants give you a basket to put your personal belongings in to keep next to your table.

15. The people in charge trust that people will use the ticket gates.

Which of the photos above surprised and amazed you the most? Would you like to see any of these things in your country?


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