22 People Who Prove That Chasing Our Dreams Is What Life Is All About

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study has found that pursuing fulfillment is not a luxury, but essential for our mental health. Because nothing beats the amount of joy and sense of relief we get, whether we’re achieving a small wish or accomplishing a lifetime goal. After all, it doesn’t matter if our dreams are big or small. It is the act of pursuing them and surpassing our fears in order to make them happen that gives us that wonderful feeling of satisfaction.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that we should never give up on our dreams. And here are some inspiring people who turned their wish into reality thanks to their unbreakable will.

1. ’’My aunt has been on wheelchair her entire life. But she’s always wanted to go to the beach. Today, after 37 years, her dream came true!’’

2. “Graduating this Saturday to pursue my dream job: middle school science teacher!”

3. ’’10 years ago today I completed my goal of driving the entire Pan-American Highway. Dream Achieved!’’

4. “Graduating with my masters this week and starting my doctorate of veterinary medicine in the fall.”

5. “I’ve finally crawled out of the hole, buying my first car, working my dream job, and living on my own as a productive member of society.”

6. “Today, at 22, I’m photographing at my 1st wedding after quitting my job to reach for my dreams.”

7. “I happily beat the odds! High school dropout from a low income home to a NASA engineer and now Ph.D graduate!!!”

8. ’’For 35 years, my dad was busy with work but never happy. His real dream had been to master watercolor painting. He finally got to do it.’’

9. “After 10 years of heartbreaking infertility, my dream has finally come true. Meet Oliver! Born at 31 weeks, and I’m SO in love!!!”

10. “I made my lifelong dream come true: the first issue of my literary magazine went live yesterday!”

11. “I married my best friend this week...”

12. “Just completed my first hike with my best friend after recently having a bipolar 2 diagnosis.”

“Feels like a great achievement and step in the right direction!”

13. “A pic I took of my husband with all the books he wrote.”

14. “I’m a queer poet and I had my very first book signing!! It was a dream come true!”

15. My dad, a retired salesman, pursued his dream and published a book. I’m proud of him.’’

16. “I’m partially-blind/ visually-impaired. This took me ~70 fun hours to paint.”

17. “After almost 2 years of hard work, my silver play button recently arrived!”

18. “She moved away when we were kids, and kept moving all over the world. 12 years later, I flew across the country to see her.”

19. “After years of perseverance, my wife is finally a published author!”

“We saw her book on the shelves of our local bookstore, and she signed some copies, too!”

20. “My grandma was diagnosed with bone cancer. Today, a family friend offered to take her on a personal plane flight down the coast.”

21. “I’ve been recording music for over 5 years with my band, The Fuss. Yesterday, our song got put onto Spotify’s biggest Indie Playlist with 1 million followers!”

22. ’’My self-drafted princess dress that 5-year-old me dreamed of.’’

What life achievement are you most proud of? Who would you like to encourage to not give up? Give them a mention in the comments!

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