15+ People Whose Expectations Took a Deep Dive Into Harsh Reality

2 years ago

Buying online may be convenient, but it also has its own risks. Aside from possible scams and security concerns about your financial information, consumers do not get to personally examine the product. So they have no choice but to trust in the advertisement or packaging photos, and hope for the best.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 18 side-by-side photos from people who risked their expectations, but got served with disappointing and funny realities.

1. “The expectation vs reality of the masks I ordered for Halloween.”

2. “What I ordered were crystals, and what I received was a sack of corn.”

3. “My family recently moved to Florida, so I wanted to protect them from the sun.”

4. “I thought I’d turn my fancy cakes into cute cows.”

5. Something went wrong

6. “What we ordered vs what we got”

7. “My husband ordered this for our daughter who loves The Labyrinth. The picture on the left is the website description, the picture on right is what we just received in the mail.”

8. “Airline ’pizza’”

9. “’Simply place the egg in water,’ they said.”

10. “The feeling of betrayal”

11. “Online flower order”

12. “Oh well, at least the doggies love them!”

13. Expectation vs reality

14. “Some kind of advertising they got there”

15. “This lion dog toy my mom got — the dog loves it but I can’t stop laughing.”

16. “It was really good to eat though!”

17. “Axolotl arrived in the mail.”

18. “My brother ordered a cookie cake for his co-worker’s birthday.”

Have you ever received something that was completely different from what you ordered?

Preview photo credit wasted_muscle / Reddit


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