15+ Mysterious Images That Will Make You Want to Explore More

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An average adult experiences about 131 days of boredom in a year, according to research. But maybe all we need to turn a dull day around is to look at our surroundings. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to spot odd things or natural wonders that will trigger our curiosity — just like the pictures on this list.

1. “The frame on this painting in my parents’ house has eyeballs in it.”

2. “All of my bananas unpeeled themselves as I slept last night. I’ve never seen this happen before.”

3. “This pigeon is wearing a bread jacket.”

4. “I found a raccoon in this exact position.”

5. Lots of eggs

6. “These weird clouds I saw — one wispy cloud that the other clouds are avoiding.”

7. “This dentist training tool”

8. “I was taking a walk today when I saw this hotdog...on a string.”

9. This tree has a good appetite.

10. “The core of this dog poo bag roll says, ’Use bare hands now.’”

11. “A rare white squirrel proves why they are rare. Forgets how to squirrel.”

12. “So apparently, Stanford has a giant statue of a Greco-Roman sandworm on campus.”

13. Someone just wants to have a perfect smile.

14. “I found a pool above the sidewalk today.”

15. “Pigeon on a pigeon”

16. “The German city of Karlsruhe just issued a parking ticket to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm for one of his bent car sculptures.”

17. “The barista asked if she could make me a ’surprise coffee, free of charge,’ and comes back with this.”

18. “The way this sunbeam almost perfectly bisects my cat.”

Preview photo credit cakes1todough1 / Reddit


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